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सेवा तथा  सफलता 

Work is worship- Karma means the efforts made by us and the hard work and religion done for that work means completing that workforce with reverence. Shaurya academy (trust) was founded on date: 05-Aug-2020 by Ex- Indian Army Ajay Kumar Jha. The aim of its establishment is to inspire and train the youth of the country for the welfare, national interest, and armed forces.

This is a non-governmental organization that provides facilities and assistance to the poorest of the poor people of the country with the donated amount, We address all the youth receiving training in shaurya academy under the name of Shaurya Sena.

This institution is dedicated to the nation's love and country interest only, under which the youth will get countries love, character building, leadership qualities, moral strength, skills, and their role in society
Makes aware of it.

Our Vision

All kinds of work in the interest of the country

Shaurya academy aims to establish its branches in every state of India in the next 10 years,  poorest and helpless people should be benefited from this and all those raised for the national interest.

Our Mission

To the country, For the country, By the country. We will grow as a Nation first concept.

The first priority of Shaurya academy is to include all eligible youths in the Indian armed forces and make our Army strong and try our best to contribute to the nation.

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